About Pazazz

Pazazz is an apple variety like no other. It’s a descendent of the beloved Honeycrisp but has a unique look and taste all its own. With every bite you’ll enjoy a burst of sweet yet tart flavor – plus Pazazz’s famous crunch. Whether you’re eating a Pazazz as a fresh snack or trying one of our special recipes, “Wow Right Now” is just a bite away.


Pazazz In the News

Pazazz is getting a lot of attention from media across the country. Check out some of the latest TV and print coverage here.
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TV Coverage

Print Coverage

PMA 2017 Interview

Honeybear Brands’ Fred Wescott and Don Roper talk about the runaway success of Pazazz as well as future star varieties coming soon from Honeybear.

WCCO Morning Show

Honeybear Brands’ Don Roper and Hy-Vee Dietician Jenna Pape offer CCO’s Jason DeRusha a winter Pazazz recipe.

KSHB Morning Show

Honeybear Brands’ Don Roper talks to KSHB anchor Joel Nichols about what makes Pazazz apples so special.

CTV Morning Show

Pazazz grower Michael van Meekeren of Van Meekeren Farms on Ottawa’s CTV, showing how Pazazz apples can be great for breakfast.

KSHB Morning Show

Anchor Joel Nichols interviews Hy-Vee Dietician on the all-new Pazazz Apple new to Kansas City.

Elgin agribusiness wins Channel One donor award

Wescott Agri Products of Elgin, growers of the Pazazz apple, is setting aside delicious fruit for local food bank sales at low prices. Read More

Retailers see record sales for Pazazz apples this winter

Pazazz apples shattered retail sales targets this winter, less than a year ahead of its nationwide 2018 roll out, says Honeybear Brands. Read More

Toronto Gets Sneak Peak at Pazazz

Following nine years of development, Toronto residents will be among the first in the country to taste Pazazz. Read More

Pazazz apple featured at Hy-Vee

Elgin, Minn.-based Honeybear Brands is showcasing its apple variety Pazazz in store demonstrations across the country. Read More

Fresh Bites: Pazazz available now in stores

Pazazz has both crunch and flavor at a time of year when it’s hard to find apples with either. Read More

Our Growers

Pazazz is grown by a small group of family farmers in orchards across North America. In many cases they’re second, third or fourth generation apple growers who know the land and what goes into making a truly special apple. Wherever a Pazazz grower is located, one thing is for sure: they’re true stewards of the land growing some of the world’s best tasting and most responsibly grown fruit available.



How does Pazazz get it’s natural, juicy, unique flavor? It starts with Mother Nature and a lot of patience. Pazazz is all natural and doesn’t come from a lab. Ten years ago we took a Honeycrisp seed and kicked off a process of careful cross pollination to find a variety with the crunch of a Honeycrisp but a unique flavor profile all its own. We’ve been out in our orchards ever since, tasting, testing and tweaking what we believe is a true wow apple eating experience like no other. In fact, to keep that experience as wow as it can be, every Pazazz apple is grown to our strict TruEarth standards of environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. Watch the magic happen in the videos below!

  • 240x180_pancake_thumb

    Brown Butter Pazazz™
    Apple Skillet Pancake

  • 240x180_quinoa_thumb

    Pazazz™ Apple Walnut &
    Dried Cherry Quinoa Salad

  • 240x180_brussels_thumb

    Raw Brussels Sprout Salad
    with Pazazz™ Apples & Pomegranate

  • 240x180_caramel_dip_thumb

    Brûléed Pazazz™ Apple
    Caramel Dip

  • 240x180_flatbread_thumb

    Prosciutto, Gruyere &
    Pazazz™ Apple Flatbread

  • 240x180_burger_thumb

    Pazazz™ Apple
    Turkey Burgers

  • 240x180_bruschetta_thumb

    Pazazz™ Apple & Yellow
    Sweet Onion Bruschetta

  • Nutty-baked-apple-crumble_post

    Nutty Baked
    Apple Crumble

  • Curry-salad_post

    Curry Apple
    Chicken Salad

  • Balsamic-Baby-greens_post

    Balsamic Baby Greens
    with Apples and Swiss

  • Apple-&-Onion-Rice_post

    Apple & Onion
    Black Forbidden Rice

  • Apple-&-Napa-Cabbage-Slaw_post

    Apple & Napa
    Cabbage Slaw

Where – and When – to Find Pazazz

Pazazz is here! And in store through June while supplies last. Get yours at these stores:


California – Monterey/Santa Cruz; San Francisco; Sacramento
Colorado – Denver



Wisconsin – Milwaukee (and Sendik’s)
Wisconsin – Madison



Illinois – Chicago
Virginia – San Jose
California – Oakland



New Jersey
Virginia – Alexandria
New York – Buffalo
New York – Rochester



Iowa – Des Moines/Akeney, Cedar Rapids, Ames
Nebraska – Omaha, Lincoln
Minnesota – Minneapolis (and Super Valu)
Missouri – Kansas City
South Dakota – Sioux Falls
Maryland – Baltimore
Pennsylvania – Philadelphia


Texas – Dallas (and Tom Thumb, Randall’s)
Texas – Lubbock, Houston, San Antonio
New Mexico – Albuquerque
Virginia – Charlottesville, Midlothian (and Safeway)
Idaho – Boise
Arizona – Phoenix



New Brunswick
Nova Scotia



Illinois – Rockford
Indiana – Evansville
Missouri – St. Louis



Minnesota – Twin Cities


Ontario Food Terminal

Northern Orchards – Toronto



British Columbia – Vancouver

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