About Pazazz

Pazazz is an apple variety like no other. It’s a descendent of the beloved Honeycrisp but has a unique look and taste all its own. With every bite you’ll enjoy a burst of sweet yet tart flavor – plus Pazazz’s famous crunch. Whether you’re eating a Pazazz as a fresh snack or trying one of our special recipes, “Wow Right Now” is just a bite away.


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Video / TV

Apple variety showcase

Lifestyle contributor Jasmine Stringer shares some of the most popular apple varieties, including Pazazz.

Live from PMA with Honeybear Brands

The mix of apple varieties is all shook up compared with 30 years ago, and Don Roper believes that is a good thing.

What’s in Store: Honeybear Brands’ Pazazz Apple Offers Big Flavor

Pazazz available in store and shaking up the produce section.

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Pazazz: What’s in store

Pazazz apple brand and harvest story.

2019 apple crop shows consumer focus

With the industry as a whole bring more flavorful apple varieties to the market, the challenge for apple grower-shippers is to transition out of older varieties and invest in newer varieties.

Print Coverage

Honeybear Brands’ Don Roper talks Pazazz apples

Is there anything that screams autumn more than a basket of freshly picked apples? The correct answer is no. Read More

Honeybear offers promotional tools to promote Pazazz

Promotional tools with fun branding make Pazazz winner in the produce department. Read More

Honeybear Brands announces conventional and organic packaging extensions

Honeybear Brands is continually evolving its offering to meet consumer demands and preferences. Read More

Honeybear ready to showcase Pazazz apples at PMA

PMA Fresh Summit is just around the corner, and the entire industry is gearing up for a memorable and productive show. Read More

New apple varieties continue to grab consumers’ attention

Newer varieties are hitting the produce department and bringing a variety for every taste. Read More

Honeybear Brands wows with Washington apple crop

It’s been a “really good” growing season for Elgin, MN-based Honeybear Brand’s Washington apple crop. Read More

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Apple corn muffin recipe

This Southern recipe is a standout especially when using a flavorful apple variety. Read More

Combating competition with upcoming apple crop

The apple category is currently being evolved by innovators in flavor, quality, and variety. Read More

Honeybear Brands teams up with local and community events

Honeybear Brands is aiming to support local retailers by driving consumer trial and purchase of Pazazz. Read More

Pazazz Promotions Abound

Honeybear Brands is present at family events, 5-K running events, fundraisers and more across the U.S. to drive purchases of Pazazz apples. Read More

Brand support for retailers at the local level

The program is designed to support retailers at the local level by driving consumer trial and purchase of Pazazz, but also to offer a refreshing reward for participants. Read More

Honeybear Brands continues to put Pazazz in the apple market

The Pazazz apple continues to top the charts with across-the-board demand from retailers and consumers. Read More

Ways to heat up winter apple sales

Eating more low-calorie, high-fiber apples is a great way to keep New Year’s diet resolutions. Read More

Our Growers

Pazazz is grown by a small group of family farmers in orchards across North America. In many cases they’re second, third or fourth generation apple growers who know the land and what goes into making a truly special apple. Wherever a Pazazz grower is located, one thing is for sure: they’re true stewards of the land growing some of the world’s best tasting and most responsibly grown fruit available.



How does Pazazz get it’s natural, juicy, unique flavor? It starts with Mother Nature and a lot of patience. Pazazz is all natural and doesn’t come from a lab. Ten years ago we took a Honeycrisp seed and kicked off a process of careful cross pollination to find a variety with the crunch of a Honeycrisp but a unique flavor profile all its own. We’ve been out in our orchards ever since, tasting, testing and tweaking what we believe is a true wow apple eating experience like no other. In fact, to keep that experience as wow as it can be, every Pazazz apple is grown to our strict TruEarth standards of environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. Watch the magic happen in the videos below!


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