Pazazz and Brie grilled cheese sandwich sitting on a wooden surface

Pazazz and Brie Grilled Cheese


Pazazz and Brie Grilled Cheese

1/2 caramelized vidalia onion
Olive oil
Unsalted butter
2 pieces of sourdough bread
1 tsp fig jam
5-6 slices of brie cheese
1/2 medium Pazazz apples


Place pan with olive oil on medium-low heat and cook onions until caramelized.

Bring pan to medium heat, add butter to the pan, and place one slice of sourdough in the pan and another piece of sourdough with fig jam (plain side down).

Place brie, apples, and caramelized onion on the plain piece of bread.

Flip the bread with fig jam on top of the stacked sandwich.

Cook in pan until both sides of the bread are golden brown and the cheese begins to melt.


By: Emily Chan of Boston Food Gram